Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 LNS Fall Treasure Hunt Blog Participants

Some of my Stampin' Up! demonstrator friends are participating in a Treasure Hunt Blog Hop with me. Come and join us!  

If you are an active Stampin Up Demonstrator and on Stampin Connection

there is still time to participate in the Treasure Hunt Blog Hop...

If you are a customer

and LOVE Stampin' Up! products

then visit the links below and 

keep track of each clue and where you found it!

Visit their blogs, listed below and collect their clues!

1.   Sherrill Graff, NV-US –
2.   Sherrill Graff, NV-US –
3.   Sherrill Graff, NV-US –
4.   Sherrill Graff, NV-US –
5.   Deborah Smart, BC-CA –
6.   Bev Farmer, MD-US –
7.   Katie Shimshock, US –
8.   Bridget Sandoval, CO-US –
9.   Jana T. Secord, US –
10. Misty Snell, OK-US –
12. Rhonda MacNally, CA –
13. Sarah Souza, US –
14. Carol Gleason, WI-US –
15. Diana Carr, US –
16. Debi Teague, TX-US –
17. Olivia V. Studley       -
18. Cyndy Ponczek, US –
19. Patricia Olson, MN-US –
20. Mary Lee, CO-US –
21. Tracy Elsom, NS-CA –
22. Nora J. Hampton, US -
23. Karina Chin, US  -
24. Angelica N. Fletcher      -
25. Angie Jones, AUS –
26. Sharon Tong-Robinson, CA-US –
27. Ann Shafer, US -
28. Angeline Anny, HI-US –
29. Laura Simnick, IN-US –
30. Janis L. Thomas, PA-US –
31. Cindy Mitchell-Clark, TX-US –
32. Christy Minshall, NY-US –
33. Marie Green, OR-US –
34. Lisa Tyndall, US –
35. Valerie Malkus, NY-US -
36. Cheryl Laxton,
37. Billie Moan, US – 
38. Becky O'Donnell -

39. Angel Henninger, TX-US -
40. Melanie Coverstong,  -
41. ChrisAnn Tomasso, CA-US -
42. ChrisAnn Tomasso, CA-US -
43. Suzanne Johnson, US -
44. Vicki Reed, US -

Grand Prize is meant for customers ONLY.  
If you are a demonstrator, participating in this blog hop, please do not enter to win. 

My clue is the
White Vellum 
Item #101856
It can be found on page193
of the current Stampin' Up! catalog
Here is a sample of white embossing on the White Vellum cardstock.  Isn't it just beautiful? 

Customers can enter the drawing with only ONE demonstrator
Look for a demonstrator living near you! 

How to enter: 
If you live in the USA and are near California, e-mail me at with the following information :

- List of blogs you visited and the clues you found on each one

- Your name and address, we will need this information if your name is drawn

Thank you.  Happy Hunting and Hopping !!


  1. Love your project - will have to get my vellum out!

    1. I love what the vellum does to a project, especially our vellum cardstock.

  2. I love the page you made for your Treasure Hunt. I might have to try that!

    1. Thank you Bev. You don't know how much your comment means to me. This entire process has been a huge undertaking.

  3. This is beautiful..... I feel a case coming on.....

  4. Thank you. Please case and share!